Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I can't wait to see the newest Wong Kar Wai film, 2046. You can check out the trailer and some gorgeous stills from the film here.

From Nathan Lee's Film Comment profile:
2046 is a place, a time, the name of a novel, the number of a hotel room, and, in the form of an anime megalopolis, the first digital representation in Wong’s cinema. 2046 is also, always, 2046: a cine-Narcissus enraptured by its own depths, unnerved by what it sees, struggling to pull away from its own image. Given the difficulties, the expectations, the reputation at stake, the scrutiny, the daunting perfection of In the Mood for Love—how could it have been otherwise? Anxiety: “Science-fiction films are not about science,” wrote Susan Sontag. “They are about disaster.”


Anonymous janet said...

oh 2046 is wonderful, familiar - yet a little unnerving, like a dream. but yes cine-narcissistic... sigh.

and hi, i like your site and guest posts on moorishgirl.

5:35 PM  

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