Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Literary Conversations With Mama, Part IV

The following is a mellow conversation I had with my Mama after we discussed the plight of the New Orleans evacuees.

ME: So, Mama, what have you been up to?
MAMA: I have been reading many books. I read Persepolis 2. Did you read that?
ME: Definitely. Did you like it?
MAMA: Not bad. I like the first better.
ME: Was it all the drugs?
MAMA: I was not taking drugs when I read it.
ME: No, the drugs in part II?
MAMA: No, no, it was fine. I'm also reading The Sieve. It's by Mikhail Naeema.
ME: What's that?
MAMA: It's a book of literary criticisms. From 1923. Very interesting. Nice.
ME: Not boring?
MAMA: No, no, there are some cool insights. Do you know him?
ME: No.
MAMA: I'm also reading Antoine de St.-Exupery's book about flying.
ME: He's awesome.
MAMA: I like his analogies about clouds and mountains.
ME: He died in an airplane crash.
MAMA: No! Why did you tell me this?
ME: It's not like that's the end of the book!
MAMA: Of course it is! It is the end of the man who wrote the book. It is the end of the book.
ME: I'm sorry, Mama.
MAMA: It is done. So. Your old best friend is getting married on Thursday.
ME: I know. I wish I could go.
MAMA: Yes, me too. It will be the day after the elections [in Egypt]. What a time to get married.
ME: What a strange coincidence.
MAMA: The world. It is in a kind of upheaval.


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