Monday, November 14, 2005

To See Some Texas Girls Shine Like Stars

I had my first performance with the Super Sonic Soul Squad Saturday-- shit was tight! I had so much fun. The entire night was cool-- putting on my uniform, doing my hair, going to the meeting spot and picking out jewelry with the ladies. We all put on each others' makeup, watched a certain video on the mac to get even more hyped up, and practiced our songs.

At the club, people came up to us with questions like, "Um, I don't mean to be weird, but what are you guys?" Stock answer: "We're a dance team, and we do synchronized funk to hip-hop and pop." And we had a flawless performance... hopefully someone will send me pics soon and I'll post them here.

I love to dance-- it taps into that same place that writing does, and gives good catharsis.

The next performance will be at End of an Ear at 8PM, Friday.


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