Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Performance Weekend

I'm just now starting to feel like a normal person again. In addition to the fun reading I did at BookPeople last weekend, I performed with "my dance squad"-- the Super Sonic Soul Squad-- at a retrospective for Biscuit last Friday. We had a dance-off with Satan's Cheerleaders (we're all pictured with them above). Gallery Lombardi is a warehouse by the train tracks; the dancing happened on a loading dock, with a train going by every once in a while. We spent about half an hour before the show in the parking lot practicing. We rocket the show! It was so fun. I was trying, during my reading Saturday, to be as chilled out about performing as I was the night before, but I guess without 8 other chicks to back me up, I get nervous. But the reading went well; most everyone I love was there, and I read "Dictations," a chapter from the novel, and people liked it. I feel good about the work right now. I feel good, period.


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