Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sex on the bus

I've been hearing a lot about Ahmed Khaled's new movie, The Fifth Pound, and how it's been having a hard time being released in Egypt. But I am weary about the sexuality being a problem. I saw "I love Cinema" in summer of 2004, in a huge, packed theater, and it's definitely daring in its treatment of Coptic families, churches, and sexuality-- I loved it. This Qantara article goes into depth about the Khaled film:
[T]he unpardonable aspect of the film, is not the bleakness of the stolen kisses, and not the fact that the couple chooses a Friday morning for its tryst, when good Moslems are expected to be in the mosque, and not even the fact the driver, while listening to cassette tapes of the Koran, fantasizes about being in the young man's place.

Most outrageous of all is the fact that the young girl is wearing a headscarf. A woman who wears a veil and yet allows herself to be touched by a man – the very idea flies in the face of every conviction and belief regarding dress codes and morality. And that is precisely what is intended.

"Women with veils are good, and all other women are bad – what nonsense!" Khaled says with scorn. A female attorney has already threatened to take him to court. At a screening of the film in the Russian Center, someone heckled the film, saying such conditions didn't exist in Egypt.
I'm still suspicious of the film's "riskiness." Or maybe I'm being naive. Has Egypt really gotten this retarded???


Blogger confused arab chick said...

Sadly... I think it might have. The situation over there is weird. Veiled women are.. "good"... and I think a lot of people would have a problem with "attacking" that.

I hope I'm wrong.

3:11 AM  
Blogger forsoothsayer said...

egypt absolutely has gotten this retarded.

1:50 PM  

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