Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sure, Blame the Wife

Croatian novelist Slavenka Drakulic believes that Milosevic didn't die because he was in jail, but because he was so in love with his wife. She also seems to think his wife is the reason he was a war criminal:
The secret behind his pursuit of power was Mira's desire to make him the most powerful man in Yugoslavia. She was the most important person in his life - and in his death as well it seems. Their lifelong love story, her manipulative nature, her thirst for power which earned her the nickname 'Lady Macbeth' and their complete dependance on one another. All in all they are a rather curious yet fascinating couple.
Via Sign & Sight.

I don't know. Sounds like blaming Daddy's beltings on Mommy to me.


Anonymous donia said...


12:11 PM  
Anonymous claire khelfaoui said...

Drakulic's comment is so naive it's funny in a way... Although funny is not the word... Maybe naive is not the word either. Or maybe I laugh naively and Drakulic, Milosevic and his wife are all mad...
Claire Khelfaoui

12:13 PM  

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