Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Yet Another Exodus

100,000 refugees.

I can't describe to you how painful it is for me to see the faces of little girls and their mothers as they leave Lebanon. But I'll try: it breaks my heart; it reminds me of my own exodus at age 13 from a war; it makes me angry; it makes me want to reach out and comfort those girls; to give them the books that comforted me, to make them laugh, to make sure they will have atleast 2 friends from their old school follow them so they won't feel alone; it makes me want to dick slap Olmert; it makes me want to round up Hizbullah and thrown them into jail; it makes me want to grab Bush by the shoulders and send him to a school that will teach him actual logic and history; it makes me want to cry, and I do. What a shame that we keep going in circles and circles, that human beings never learn. When Israel or America or any hegemonic government says it wants to accomplish something it couldn't accomplish before, it only ends up fucking over more people and failing, again. Every single time.


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