Monday, August 14, 2006

Pinatas, Peaches, Palestine

I am writing this from the road-- specifically, from a motel outisde of Memphis, where I stopped for the night on my way to Ann Arbor. Interesting things I have seen and done:

In Waco, I saw a truck-ful of pinatas on their way to being painted. They were pinatas of small superheroes, so it looked like a truck-ful of newpaper-covered bodies. The woman driving was a short, tiny Latina.

In Texarkana, I saw a pick-up truck with REDNECK stenciled onto the rear window. In confederate-flag colors.

Outside Hope, Clinton's birthplace, I stopped in for a "salad"- lettuce and bacon- and on my way out, blared "Impeach my Bush" by Peaches.

In Friendship, Arkansas, my friend Zeina called to check on me. In Palestine, Arkansas, my friend Erika did.

On my way into Memphis, the moon was red and low. I wanted to chase it all the way home.


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drive safe!!! good luck!

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