Sunday, December 17, 2006

Home for Their Holidays

My child is in NY now, and I'm leaving to Austin soon. I can't wait. Part of me is wondering why I'm waiting so long. I wish I could go tonight.

I'm working on a story for my History of the Short Story class. We imitate stories-- their plot, voice, style, structure, etc.-- and I am imitating Isaac Babel's "Story of My Dovecote" and setting it in Gaza.

Other things on my agenda: reading Flannery O'connor's The Violent Bear It Away for pleasure, not class, and doing something to my hair that involves a hair dye kit from Sally's and a new pair of Barber-grade shears. I'm terrified and thrilled at the prospect of fucking up my tresses. Maybe I'll post photos.

So, In the next week, expect: Pics of Austin. Pics of friends. Musings. Pics.


Blogger C(h)ristine said...

I'm liking that History of the Short Story class's exercise! Happy writing. Miss you, and hope you have a great time in Austin!!!!!!

12:03 AM  

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