Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Rockslinga pal Hayan Charara writes in to alert me of David Mamet's visit on Charlie Rose: apparently, Mamet claimed that a main facet of a liberal arts education was "anti-Semitism" and that "200 million Arabs" want to kill Jews.

First: if it weren't for my liberal arts education, I would have never learned much about the holocaust, about Jewish literature, or about Jewish history and culture. I studied three years of Hebrew shortly after graduating from the most liberal of liberal arts colleges; an institution which grants bachelors' degrees in only "Liberal Arts."

Second, I grew up in a post 1967 household with parents who witnessed and were deeply affected by the formation of the state of Israel, the 1956 bombings of Egypt, and the 1967 war. I was raised among anti-zionists and spent my childhood surrounded by evidence of Israeli aggression. Never in my life have I heard an Arab say that they wanted to kill a Jew.

But I'm just one Arab with a liberal arts education. What do I know?


Blogger Elka said...

Alternately, my fifth grade super-Christian teacher told my entire public school class back in 1985 that there was no such thing as the Holocaust.

So, who really wants to kill Jews, eh? That's right: Super right-wing redneck Christian conservatives.

They want to kill everyone!

My father was responsible for getting that teacher to resign, by the way. Cuz Darwin rocks (both my father and the scientist).

12:55 PM  
Blogger Ibn Bint Jbeil said...


these, days, super right-wing redneck christian conservatives are totally hot about israel and zionist superiority and hegemony. 1985 is a thing of the past is american politics. the age of w is a totally altered divergence from the age of reagan, even if it is its offspring.

12:17 PM  

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