Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Christie in Munro Adaptation

Julie Christie is profiled over at the Times. She plays Fiona in "Away from Her," Sarah Polley's adaptation of the Alice Munro short story, "The Bear Comes Over the Mountain." From the profile:
“I have been rereading letters I wrote in the 1960s to a girlfriend and I sound so ghastly,” she said. “All I’m talking about is boys and parties and music. I pointed that out to my girlfriend. ‘Yes,’ she said, ‘I used to think of you then as being deeply shallow.’ ‘Deeply shallow’ I was, then something happened.”

As she looked back over her life, it was the discovery of “people in the rest of the world,” she said — specifically, her discovery of politics in the 1970s, later reinforced by her longtime partner, the journalist Duncan Campbell — that led her to rethink her career. And it was then that she began to see herself in the movie industry “surrounded by all the things you hate most in life, which are consumerism and advertising and celebrity and false representation.”
I had a small crush on Christie because of Dr. Zhivago, but I fell in love with her hardcore when I saw Darling.


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