Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mama's Day!

I've been a Mama for a decade. It's been good and bad, fun and boring, lovely and annoying. I love my kid and I can't stand him, I adore him and I abhor him. Ah, motherhood.

We went to an outdoor science center this morning and saw a bunch of owls. That's when I found out that, since they are nocturnal, they shut down one side of their brain and one of their eyes during the day, and they keep the other side, and the other eye, open. Sometimes that's what being a single mom is like. You're asleep and awake, half young chica, half old mom lady. And I like it.


Anonymous Jade Park said...

I love the owl metaphor.

Happy mother's day. :)

8:08 PM  
Blogger Michelle Detorie said...

happy mama day to you!

xo michelle

8:55 PM  
Anonymous sidewinder said...

fyi - dolphins do the same
oh i miss you, julie nat

12:30 AM  

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