Thursday, August 30, 2007


I've only very recently read the work of Monica Raymond, and I like it. Her play, THE OWL GIRL, is, in her own words,"a magic realist play about two families in the Middle East, both of whom have keys to the same house, and what happens when they try to live in it together." From her poem, In Cana, which was inspired by the wedding party that Israel bombed last Summer:
I like to think that maybe it's a wedding
of people from different sides, ordinary miracle--
two black-browed lovers, aflame like flowering swords.
Gladiola. Bird of paradise. What looks like a knife-edge sheathe till it unfurls in good
blossom. The angels each holding a stem of it
at the door of the fiery world, and they beckon to you.

They hold the flaming sword to protect the wedding,
and they want to include you in this miracle.
Not blood, but good wine that pours. Let us dream of it.
Go here for more info.

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