Sunday, August 12, 2007

Here's a heartbreaking article from Saturday's Times: "There are two pairs of lanes, one for each tribe, separated by a tall wall of concrete patterned to look like Jerusalem stones, an effort at beautification indicating that the road is meant to be permanent. The Israeli side has various exits; the Palestinian side has few."

A humble prediction: It won't work.

Also, Israel is so not a racist, apartheid country.


Blogger Bedouina said...

“Israel, having ceased to care about the children of the Palestinians, should not be surprised when they come washed in hatred and blow themselves up in the centers of Israeli escapism.” - Avraham Burg in the New Yorker, July 30 2007 issue

And so on and so forth. The article is called "The Apostate" and it details Burg's view that Israel is finished, unsustainable, a mess, and Israelis ought to get foreign passports. The writer, David Remnick, prefaces the quotes with all sorts of breathless huffy descriptions of what a bad man Burg is - but then he prints lengthy quotes.

Sadly I see a long road of suffering ahead. It's unnecessary but Israel and America cannot seem to change their thinking to avoid it.

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