Saturday, November 24, 2007

On Michalle Gould's Resurrection Party

I've just received and finished reading Michalle Gould's chapbook, Resurrection Party, newly published from Hex Presse. The book itself is beautifully made- its haunting cover has a skeleton head which literally peeks at you through a milky-cloudy window.

The book is divided into four sections: Signs, Visions, Dreams, and Wonders, each with its own style and content, but all with the same preoccupation: the left-out, exile souls of both the living and the dead.

My favorite poems include "Landscape with Exotic Animals," in which a cloud formation loses one of its members, "What it Means to be Alive at the Time of the Resurrection of the Dead," a perfect meditation on exclusion, and "Square," which you have to read if you want to learn why a square is creepier than a circle or a triangle (the answer will chill and tickle you).

Hex Presse
is a new poetry publisher out of Goleta, CA, and is the print branch of Womb Poetry. This outing is a lush one, and I'm looking forward to their future titles.


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