Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm Developing the Perfect Plot for a Palestinian Sitcom

An article about a Nablus "dream" house, from the BBC:
Less than a month after it was finished, Mr Nasif says Israeli troops banged on the door and came in with dogs and guns... they took control... of the house and used it as a base and observation post as the army invaded Nablus.
"They stuck maps on the wall in my living room and brought computers to make the room like a control room." They stayed for over a month.
This has apparently been happening for over six years. Some one HAS to make a sitcom about this. It would be fucking hilarious. Tony Chalhoub can play Mr. Nasif, and Goddess, I mean, Kathy Najimy can be his wife. Apparently, 22 people live in this house, including "his five children and 73-year-old mother." Can you say awesome opportunity for cameos? I can totally see a brunette Britney cameoing as a naughty Palestinian teenager. And Zack and Cody can play all the kids in the house. And Dan Hedaya would be an Israeli commando. Maybe he can fall in love with the 73-year-old grandma. She can be played by Bea Arthur! I will totally develop this for Fox. Call me, people.


Blogger WBS said...

Hi Randa,

I came across this 2004 film, I don't know, a year ago or so on either Sundance or IFC and I've never had the chance to watch it but it sounds like your idea.



4:20 PM  
Blogger rockslinga said...

Wow- it sounds awesome! Thanks, WBS...only thing is, it doesn't sound funny. I'm really into using dark humor to talk about the conflict, the way Elia S does.

12:50 PM  

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