Monday, April 28, 2008

Arabic is not a disease

My world was unwittingly rocked tonight when I hear Rev. Wright utter the following:
“Please run and tell my stuck-on-stupid friends that Arabic is a language — is a language, it is not a religion. Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Barack HUSSEIN Obama. There are Arabic-speaking Christians, there Arabic-speaking Jews, Arabic-speaking Muslims and Arabic-speaking atheists [extra points for this!]. Arabic is a language, it is not a religion. Stop trying to scare folks by giving them this Arabic name like it’s some disease.”
I actually cheered the television. I haven't done that since the first time I saw some Iron Chef episodes back in 2000...


Blogger LeaNder said...

Maybe is not so bad after all. Many, many people that will listen to Wrights NAACP speech will think and feel:

WOW, that is a church I would visit even as atheist ...

Obama's enemies can't use the issue anymore now. That's fine I think.

If this new tool catches time too, we maybe can even watch it fading. And it already looks like.

Jeremia Wright

6:24 PM  

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