Friday, May 09, 2008

Summer Residency

I'm heading to Maine for a residency this summer. I haven't done a residency since Hedgebrook in 2006. I'm excited. I'll be taking my collection of stories with me.

At the end of my Hedgebrook residency, I found out that Lebanon was about to be decimated by the Israeli army. I am terrified to think of what news will not reach me about Lebanon while I am in Maine.


Blogger Leila said...

Congratulations on your Maine residency, habibti, enjoy it.

I have been resolving not to follow what's going on in Lebanon. My cousin G who follows it all obsessively told me not to. Don't worry about it, he said.

Really. Just affirm that they'll work it out, and you go be in the woods. Hearing the news won't help you in any case. It's not helping me. And it won't help them for you to stew and sweat over the situation.

11:52 PM  
Blogger rockslinga said...

thanks, leila, that's some of the best advice i've gotten. i'll heed it. much love to you,

9:26 PM  

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