Monday, June 23, 2008


I've got some fun plans for the following weeks. In July, I'll be spending some time at a Writer's Paradise/Residency. In August, I'm officiating a good friend's wedding. And at the end of August, I kick off my book tour at the Decatur Book Fest. Click here or on the events button on the right to see if I'll be reading in your town. I'm really excited.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you, love.


7:00 PM  
Anonymous Hayan Charara said...

I'm already saying to people, "I knew her when..."

When you book an Austin date, let me know...we'll get something together for you in Houston (which is now a Poets & Writers matching funds city).

7:33 PM  
Blogger Elka and Peter said...

dude, we are so stoked about the officiation! also, of course, the release of your book! YAY!

10:56 PM  

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