Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm wrapping up my residency here in Maine, where over the last few weeks, I've hiked through blueberry patches, swum in the freezing Atlantic, eaten fresh lobster, washed my clothes in a washtub, hung it up by my cabin on a twine clothesline, and finished revising my story collection.

While here, I've met amazing people, been inspired, and gotten lots of good news. I'll always remember it.

I've added a couple of exciting events to my calendar. I've been invited to the Texas Book Fest (Yee haw!) and Wordstock (Yipee!).

Now off to hike and sit on some rocks and try to spy some seals...


Blogger C(h)ristine said...

dude so proud of you!

4:08 PM  
Blogger Donia said...

congratulations randood! i'm so happy you had a wonderful time and got lots of incredible work done :)

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Hayan Charara said...

Nice. Can't wait to see you in Texas.

I noticed in the photo the industrial size can of bug spray...

6:06 PM  

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